Sponsor a Dance

Sponsoring a dance is a great way to recognize a special event in your life or that of someone else! Sponsorship is basically a donation to CD*NY, but it also allows you to influence how the evening goes and have your occasion publicly recognized. In general a minimum donation would be equivalent to payment for at least the band and caller for the evening, and would allow you to request a specific caller and musicians for the event. The expected donation could vary from a minimum of $240 (for a two-person band, usually on an English evening) to over $600 ($90 each for a 5 person band, plus $110 for the caller, plus special refreshments). Of course, donations beyond the direct cost are quite welcome!

If you want a special band or caller, arrangements must be made with the English or contra coordinator early in the previous season (e.g., for a fall dance you would have to talk to the coordinator in January, and for a spring dance in September). The program coordinator retains final say in choice of band and caller, to ensure the integrity of the program.

Beyond the basic cost, the celebrant and her/his friends are responsible for making arrangements on their own. Some people have arranged to have a song, a dance, a play or other performance made up for the occasion; have arranged special food or decorations; or even to have a lower admission price for everyone that evening, paid for by the celebrant (it isn’t as costly as it sounds). It is expected that the celebration will primarily take place during the break, and unless otherwise arranged would take no more than an additional 15 minutes (so that other dancers get what they came for). A larger donation would encourage more flexibility in this as well. A small number of friends and/ or family may be admitted free – a rough guideline would be one free admission per $100 donated.

All changes from usual procedures at regular dances need to be cleared with Anne Marie Edden, dance sponsorship coordinator, well in advance. If you are interested in sponsoring a dance please speak to either the English or American coordinator, or to Anne Marie Edden. Thank you!

Country Dance New York Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. All donations to CDNY are tax deductible.