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  • Emergency eBlasts, informing you of last-minute, unplanned changes.

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Regular eBlasts

Broadcast Date Subject


Sunday, October 4 Enjoy 5 Great CD*NY Dances, Oct. 6 - 17
Sunday, September 20 Enjoy 3 Great CD*NY Dances, Sept. 26-Oct. 3
Friday, August 28 Start the Fall Season
Sunday, June 7 Enjoy the Last 3 Dances of CD*NY's Spring Season
Sunday, May 24 Enjoy Four Great CD*NY Dances, May 26 - June 6
Sunday, May 10 Enjoy Four Great CD*NY Dances, May 12 - 23
Sunday, April 26 Enjoy Five Great CD*NY Dances, April 28 - May 9
Sunday, April 12 Enjoy Three Great CD*NY Dances, April 14-21
Sunday, March 29 Register Now for the Playford Ball As Only a Few Spaces Remain/TradMad Week at Pinewoods
Sunday, March 15 Register for Playford Ball, Celebrate Spring at Winter Meltdown 3/28
Sunday, March 1 Register for the Playford Ball
Sunday, February 15 Register for the Playford Ball
Sunday, January 18 Enjoy Four Great CD*NY Dances from January 20 - 31
Sunday, January 4 Enjoy Six Great Dances, Jan. 6 - 17


Sunday, December 21 Enjoy Two Great Contras, Dec. 27 & Jan. 3 and a Family Dance
Sunday, December 7 Enjoy the Solstice Contra Celebration, Dec. 20
Sunday, November 23 Enjoy 4 Great CD*NY Dances, Nov. 25 - Dec. 6
Sunday, November 9 Don't Miss Lisa Greenleaf Calling at Fall Fling, Nov. 15 at PS 199
Sunday, October 26 Enjoy 4 Great CD*NY Dances, Oct. 28 - Nov. 8
Monday, October 13 Enjoy 3 Great ContraShock Dances, Oct. 17 - 18
Sunday, September 28 Enjoy 4 Great CD*NY Dances Sept. 30 - Oct. 11
Sunday, September 14 Enjoy 4 Great CD*NY Dances Sept. 16 - 27
Friday, August 22 Enjoy CD*NY's Fall Season Starting Sept. 2
Sunday, June 8 Enjoy the Last 3 CD*NY Dances This Season, June 10 - 17
Sunday, May 25 Enjoy 4 great CD*NY Dances, May 27 - June 7
Sunday, May 11 Enjoy 3 great CD*NY Dances, May 13 - 20
Sunday, April 27 Enjoy 4 great CD*NY Dances, April 29 - May 10
Sunday, April 13 Enjoy an Advanced Contra on Saturday, April 19

Sunday, March 30

You Can Sign Up For the Playford Ball If You Act Quickly

Sunday, March 16

Limited Spaces for the Playford Ball Available, So Sign Up Now

Sunday, March 2

Sign Up For the Playford Ball. Attend Prep Sessions.

Sunday, February 16

You Can Now Register for the Playford Ball

Sunday, February 2

Enjoy Dances You Chose at the Gotham Assembly, Feb. 11

Sunday, January 19

Enjoy 4 Special Dances This Season

Sunday, January 5

Enjoy a 12th Night English Dance and a No-Cost Contra


Sunday, December 22

Welcome 2014 with 2 Great CD*NY Contras, Dec. 28, Jan. 4

Sunday, December 8

Enjoy 4 Great Year End CD*NY Dances, Dec. 10 - 21

Sunday, November 24

Enjoy 4 Great CD*NY Dances, Nov. 26 - Dec. 7

Sunday, November 10

Enjoy 4 Great CD*NY Dances, Nov. 12 - 23

Sunday, October 27

Celebrate Halloween by Dancing on Oct. 29
Sunday, October 13 Join CD*NY's Special Sunday Contra on October 20

Sunday, September 29

Come Celebrate George's & Margherita's 25th Wedding Anniversary on Oct. 1

Sunday, September 15

Dance at the Fall Fling, Sat., Sept. 21

Friday, August 23 Enjoy CD*NY’s New Season of Dances

Sunday, June 9

Enjoy the Last Two Weeks of Dancing

Sunday, May 26

Enjoy Great Dancing in the Coming Weeks
Sunday, May 12

Come to the Experienced English dance, Friday, May 17

Sunday, April 28

Enjoy Spring With CD*NY's Great Contras and English Dances
Sunday, April 14 Enjoy our Great Contras and English Dances

Sunday, March 31

Join CDNY's Playford Ball Preparation Sessions, Now in Progress
Sunday, March 17 Experienced English Dancers, Join CD*NY Friday, March 22

Sunday, March 3

Will You (Winter) Meltdown with CDNY, Sat., March 9?

Sunday, February 17

Playford Ball Prep. Starts Feb. 26
Sunday, February 3 First-Timers Still Get 50% Off Feb. 5 English Dance
Sunday, January 20 Special: 50% Off for First-Timers

Sunday, January 6

You Can Register for the Playford Ball


Sunday, December 23 Join CDNY for Two Special Events, 12/29 & 1/5
Sunday, December 9 Dance and Give to the CD*NY Annual Appeal

Sunday, November 25

Join CD*NY for More Great Contras and English Dances

Sunday, November 11

Join CD*NY for the Fall Fling Contra, Sat. Nov. 17
Sunday, October 14 Learn to Hambo, Sat. Oct. 20
Sunday, September 30 Join CD*NY for a Great Fall Season of Dances

Sunday, September 16

Join Us for the ContraShock Weekend, Sept. 21-23
Thursday, August 30 Join Us for CD*NY's Fall Season, Starting Sept. 4

Sunday, July 15

Join Us for the July Contra
Sunday, June 24 Join Us for Two Summer Contras
Sunday, June 10 Gratis Contra, Sat. June 16, for Dallas' Birthday
Sunday, May 27 Celebrate Summer Early With CDNY Dances, May 29 - June 9!
Sunday, May 13 Join CD*NY's Great Dances May 15 - 26!
Sunday, April 29 Celebrate Spring with Great Dances
Sunday, April 15 New Time & Place for Wild Asparagus with George Marshall, Sat., April 28
Sunday, April 1 Your Last Chance to Prepare for the Playford Ball
Sunday, March 18 Prepare for the Playford Ball
Sunday, March 4 Elixir and Nils Fredland in NYC for Five Amazing Hours of Dancing!!!
Sunday, February 19 English Dance at Our Re-Newed Church of the Village Venue
Saturday, February 4 Do English Dancing at Church of the Village
Sunday, January 22 English Dances Continue in Trial Location
Sunday, January 8

Start 2012 With Dancing!


Special eBlasts


Tuesday, September 8 CD*NY Fall Calendar Is Available
Tuesday, January 6 Enjoy 12th Night English Dance, Fri. Jan. 9



Friday, December 26 Give to the CD*NY Annual Appeal
Tuesday, October 21 Enjoy The Autumn Frolic Experienced English Dance, Fri. Oct. 24
Thursday, October 16 ContraShock Starts Tomorrow - 2 Amazing Bands and 2 Callers. Don't Miss It!
Thursday, April 17 Reminder - Enjoy 2 Contras (Adv. & for all), Sat. April 19


Sunday, October 20

Enjoy CD*NY's Special Contra on Sunday, Oct. 20.

Friday, June 28

You Can Dance This Summer
Friday, April 26 Enjoy a High-Energy Band From the UK at Tomorrow's Contradance

Sunday, February 24

Playford Ball Preparation Teaching Schedule Update


Sunday, December 30

Join CD*NY for the First Contradance of 2013

Friday, December 28

Join CDNY for 12th Night English Dance, Sat. Jan. 5

Thursday, December 20

Join CDNY for Techno Contra, Sat. Dec. 29
Sunday, December 16 CD*NY Needs Your Help!

Friday, October 12

Buy CDNY's Steinway Grand Piano
Wednesday, April 25 Reminder: New Location & Times for Sat. April 28 Contradance with George Marshall/Wild Asparagus
Thursday, March 8 Reminder: You Can Experience 5 Amazing Hours of Dancing with Elixir & Nils Fredland!
Saturday, January 21 Your Help Is Needed at CD*NY's Mailing Party
Thursday, January 5 Gotham Assembly (ECD), January 23. Your Vote Is Needed.

Admission Rates for WEEKLY Dances

Admission:$12 for members of CD*NY and full-time students (must show ID), $15 for non-members.

Admission Rates for Children:Children under ten Free. Children ages 10-15 get in at half the regular rate, teens 16-18 get in at $12 (student/member rate).

There are special prices for special dances.

Unless otherwise announced, English Country Dances are on Tuesdays, from 7 to 10pm, and Contra Dances are on Saturdays, 7:30-10:45, at the Church of the Village, 201 W 13th Street.

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