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Summer heat is still here but dancing has come back!

CD*NY dancing has started again. The first English dance was Tuesday, September 8, and the first contra (with Grand Picnic and Susan McElroy-Marcus) will be September 12. We will dance (almost) every week after that all year - see the schedule at right. We're looking forward to seeing you, whether you are new or familiar!

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Contrashock is coming September 18-19! Plan ahead!

Great Bear Trio and Nor'easter, with the calling of Will Mentor, Jean Gorrindo and Bob Isaacs - Friday at Brooklyn Contra, and Saturday afternoon and evening at PS 199 (270 W. 70th St). A great weekend! Tickets available in advance (see information at or at the door. Discount for coming to all three dances.

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Last Contra Dance Sat, 6/13, Before Summer Hiatus

Join us this Saturday, June 13 for Country Dance*New York's final contra dance of the season prior to our summer break. Dances begin again in September. The Contraptions - Chloe Mohr, Nora Smith, and Bill Quern will provide lively live music and caller Frannie Marr will lead the proceedings, walking everyone through the patterns of each dance. No need to come with a partner. Should be a fun evening.

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Final English Dance with 3 Great Musicians

Please come out for the final English dance of the season on Tuesday June 16. I'll be teaching a choice selection of dances for the warm weather and the hot band: Cynthia Shaw, piano; Naomi Morse, violin; and Gene Murrow, recorders and concertina. Lots of Fried Herman dances, some beloved historic dances, and just maybe a dance by Mary Devlin: Waltz for Mary K. --Paul Ross…


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Join CD*NY Now & Save Before Rates Go Up June 17

Join Country Dance New York (CDNY) or renew your membership between now and June 16, 2015 and save. Rates are going up starting June 17 by $5 for individual members (from $30 to $35) and $15 for family/dual members (from $50 to $65). Join or renew at a contra or English country dance, or online (see membership web page for benefits) using PayPal at…


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Need help for a fellow musician

Hello Everyone, 

I hope you're all dancing away. I'm fine. I wonder if someone in the dance community could help me. I have a good colleague Elizabeth Hardy who needs a place to sleep on Wednesday evening. She's very nice and very talented and certainly could add a lot to our dance community through her vivid instrument playing. Like me she plays all sorts of early instruments. 

You can call me at 323 810 0398 if you can help her. 

Thanks, dance…


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Great Dances, both English and Contra, Saturday, April 11

Many of us are looking forward to attending the Saturday, April 11 Playford Ball after weeks of practice and preparation for this eagerly anticipated English country dance event. For those who are not attending the ball, this Saturday also offers a wonderful contra dance with live music by the band, Big Chaos, featuring musicians Aleksandra Taranov, Em McKeever, and Luna Skye. Rumor has it that there will also be a surprise musical guest!  The caller Maia McCormick will ably lead everyone…


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Chase the Winter Blues Away at Winter Meltdown Sat, 3/28

Country Dance*New York will present a lively Winter Meltdown Contra Dance on Saturday, March 28, 2015, from 8:00 pm to 11 pm at P.S. 199, 270 West 70th Street, Manhattan. No previous experience is required and…


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Sat, Feb 7 Contra Dance Features Music by Grand Picnic

Join us this Saturday night, Feb 7, for a lively contra dance with caller Rachel McCandliss and superb, live music by the wonderful band, Grand Picnic: Sam Zygmuntowicz, Michael Gorin, Bill Peek, Marco Brehm, and Jody Kruskal. Beginners welcome. All dances taught. You do not need to come with a partner. We look forward to seeing you.

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Great Introduction to Contra Dancing

This article and especially the video are an excellent introduction to contra dancing, making the point that it is easy to learn and enjoy, tons of fun, and popular with people of all ages, from college students to Baby Boomers and retirees. Share with your friends!!…


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Tuesday, Jan 27 English Country Dance Cancelled

Due to the snowstorm, please note that the Tuesday, January 27 English country dance has been cancelled.

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Jan 24 Contra Dance with Squeezology and Caller Emma Gorin

CD*NY is having a great contra dance this Saturday, Jan 24 with live music by Squeezology: Jody Kruskal, concertina; Dotty Moore, fiddle; Bob Jones, bass; and Marnen Laibow-Koser, piano, viola & flute. The proceedings will be led by caller Emma Gorin with all dances taught. Beginners' workshop: 7:30pm to 8pm with dancing for all from 8pm to 10:45pm. You don't have to come with a partner. Join us!

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ContraResolution - Special Dance Geared for Beginners - January 10

Country Dance*New York is presenting a special free contra dance geared for beginners – ContraResolution – on Saturday, January 10th from 3:45pm to 6:00pm at the Church of the Village (201 West 13th Street, Manhattan). …


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Jane Austen Birthday English Country Dance, Tues, 12/16

In celebration of what would be Jane Austen's 239th birthday, on Tuesday, Dec 16th, join us for a festive, fun, and celebratory English country dance. Think of the dance scenes in Jane Austen films and books, and music by Mozart, Handel, or Corelli. All dances taught and it is not necessary to come with a partner. Our expert caller, Beverly Francis, will walk everyone through the patterns of each dance. Lush, live music will be provided by the highly regarded musicians Cynthia Shaw (piano),…


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Annual Appeal, posted on behalf of Claire Schaffer


Dear dancers and friends,

Thank you for making our dances happen.

Just by showing up and enjoying yourself at a dance you are part of the creation of that magical experience of community dancing. 

And many of you do so much more.  You donate your time and talents, volunteering at dances and behind the scenes.  You’ve donated much-needed funds to keep our dances going.

Thanks to you we have had wonderful dances…


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A Program of Thanksgiving Leftovers on 11/25

Next Week (Thanksgiving week) at CD*NY: What's one of the best things about Thanksgiving? The leftovers you enjoy the day after! Well, at CD*NY on 11/25, we'll enjoy the leftovers early: something from the Punchbowl and maybe something with honeysuckle, chestnut, and mulberry. Maybe even some Jack Pudding (aka, Step Stately). Join us next Tuesday night for a program of Thanksgiving Leftovers, carefully selected from programs from the Fall season. -Paul B Ross

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Fall Fling Contra Dances Nov 15

Country Dance*New York (CD*NY) is presenting the Fall Fling Contra Dance on Saturday, November 15, 2014 with live and lively music by The Gaslight Tinkers, and all dances taught by caller Lisa Greenleaf. No previous experience is required and it is not necessary to come with a partner.…


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Nov 8 Contra Dance Features Caller Ted Crane & Music by Three Left Feet

Join us on Saturday, November 8 for a lively contra dance with great music performed by the band, Three Left Feet, featuring musicians Ambrose Verdibello, Norman Plankey, Pat Plankey, & Danny Elias. Caller Ted Crane will ably lead the proceedings and walk everyone through the patterns of each dance. And you do not need to come with a partner. We hope to see you!!!

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First Step in Producing the 2015 Playford Ball CD

Cynthia, Naomi, and Gene, in Gene and Anne's apartment, toward the end of the recording session for the 2015 Playford Ball CD.

We had a lot of fun at this recording session. It's going to be a great  CD and a terrific ball. --Paul…


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Oct 25 Contra Dance with Great Music by Grand Picnic

Join us this Saturday, Oct 25 for a contra dance led by caller Susan Marcus with lively, live music by Grand Picnic: Sam Zygmuntowicz, Jody Kruskal, Michael Gorin, Bill Peek & Marco Brehm. All dances are taught and there is no need to come with a partner. Free beginners' workshop 7:30pm - 8pm. Dancing for all 8pm-10:45pm at Church of the Village. See you there!!!

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Admission Rates for WEEKLY Dances

Admission:$12 for members of CD*NY and full-time students (must show ID), $15 for non-members.

Admission Rates for Children:Children under ten Free. Children ages 10-15 get in at half the regular rate, teens 16-18 get in at $12 (student/member rate).

There are special prices for special dances.

Unless otherwise announced, English Country Dances are on Tuesdays, from 7 to 10pm, and Contra Dances are on Saturdays, 7:30-10:45, at the Church of the Village, 201 W 13th Street.

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