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Help CD*NY Grow and Prosper by Giving to the Annual Appeal

Thank you! You are the ones who keep CD*NY going through your volunteering (over 150 people volunteer each year), your contributions to the Annual Appeal and other requests, your membership, and your participation in CD*NY dances. Thank you!!

We’ve had some great events so far this year - high quality contra and English dances each week, plus an outstanding Weekend Whirligig for English dancers, a very special Contrashock Weekend for contra dancers, a double dance with Scott Higgs and Grand Picnic, and the Fall Fling with Steve Zakon-Anderson and Blue State, an outstanding group of musicians. You can expect more of the same in the spring, plus a Techno Contra on December 29, an English Twelfth Night dance on January 5th and the annual Playford Ball in April. And watch for news about our new (old) contra dance site!

As you know, CD*NY has no staff — we volunteers are all that keep our kind of dancing going. Volunteers save thousands of dollars a year in costs, helping keep dances as affordable as they are. But with rent increases and increasing competition from dance weekends around the Northeast each dance comes up around $200 short of breaking even. Your donations have continued to make the difference in whether we dance or not. We hope that you will once again step up and give as much as you comfortably can to keep yourself and all the others dancing to our great live music and dynamic callers.

You can make your donation in three convenient ways:
  1. Online at http://cdny.org/page/give , using PayPal or a credit card
  2. Mail a check, payable to CDNY, to Country Dance New York, P.0. Box 878, Village Station, New York, NY 10014
  3. Dropping off a check at a dance, labeled as a donation (if you give cash please make sure the door people make a note that it is a donation and who it is from.)
Gifts to CD*NY are tax-deductible. So, if you make a contribution now instead of doing it later, you'll be sure to have your tax deduction for your 2012 taxes.

Thanks! See you dancing - perhaps the dance will have a special flavor as you think about the ways you have contributed to making it happen.

Best wishes,

Jeffrey Bary, President
Country Dance * New York, Inc.

Special Events
When Where What Type Notes
Dec. 29
PS 199 Techno contra contras Read about this event on CD*NY's Facebook page.
Read a blog from CDSS about techo contras.
Jan. 5
Church of the Village Twelfth Night English Country Dance Assembly English A knowledge of ECD figures is necessary to attend.
You can download a flyer.
April 13, 2013
Brooklyn Heights, NY 30th Annual Playford Ball Experienced English Attendance is by pre-registration only. Information will be available early in 2013.

Dancing Can Help Improve Your Physical and Mental Health!

"Boogie to a Better Brain," an article on page 17 of the October/November issue of AARP the Magazine, cites a recent study in The Journal of Sports Science and Medicine. It showed that dancing doesn't just build bones and improve balance; it can even boost brainpower.

So, join us at dances so you can have fun and get healthier at the same time!

Steinway Grand Piano For Sale

CD*NY is selling the grand piano used at dances in the Church of the Village in recent years - its sound was widely admired but it no longer fits the space available. Steinway Grand Model M # 150489 (length: 5’ 7”). Appraised at $12,000 to $14,000 in 2010, now asking $7,500. Built in 1911 and restored by Faust Harrison Pianos in 2003, including new tuning pins and strings, and new damper felts. Action regulated and ivory keyboard restored. Finish and action are original. Soundboard is original, displays no cracks and retains excellent tonal characteristics.

Available for viewing/playing in Ossining, NY by appointment. Respond to info2@cdny.org to ask questions, make appointment and get directions.

Double Your Gift - Third Musician Fund Matching Challenge

The budget for English Dance musicians provides for only two musicians at each dance. You may have noticed that, lately, we have three musicians playing. That is possible because of the Third Musician Fund. The money has come from dancers who contribute a few dollars above the admission charge at the door.

A generous CDNY member has issued a new challenge grant. For the rest of 2012, contributions to the Third Musician Fund will be matched dollar-for-dollar, up to a maximum of $800.

You can contribute to the fund by donating when you pay your admission at English dances or by mailing a check to: PO Box 878, Village Station, New York, NY 10014. Please make the check out to "CDNY" and write "Third Musician Fund" on the memo line of your check.

Your contributions to the Third Musician Fund, and any other contributions to Country Dance * New York, a non-profit 501c3 organization, are tax deductible.

You don't have to be an English Dancer to contribute.

Check Out CD*NY's New CafePress Store!

Rose Fox has written a blog about the store. Here are some excerpts.

I'm very pleased to announce that CD*NY's CafePress store is open for business! You can get snazzy water bottles, shirts, bags, buttons, magnets, and more, .....

For each item purchased, CD*NY gets $1. Even better, every time you carry your CD*NY bag to an event or wear your CD*NY shirt to the gym, you're spreading the word and encouraging new people to join us.

CafePress is running a lot of promotions for the holidays, so check the CafePress front page before you place your order; there may be a discount code you can use.....

If you want an item and don't see it in the shop, let me know and I'll add it. .....

Read the entire blog or go directly to the store. You can also get to the store by going to the CD*NY Website, hovering your cursor over "Get Involved with CDNY" and clicking "Store."

New Dancers

We always welcome new dancers, who are the future of our dance community. Below are links to information on our website that will help ease your transition into the CD*NY Dance Community.

  • How do I know what to do?/Beginner lessons - on the New Dancers page
  • What are English Country Dances and contradances?
  • What else do I need to know? - Contra Etiquette. Much of this information also applies to English Country Dances.

    The best way to find out about CD*NY's dances is to try them. While you're attending your first-ever CD*NY dance, you can get a 1st timer pass, which entitles you to attend another regular ECD or contradance without charge.

  • Joining CD*NY or Renewing Your Membership

    You can visit the CD*NY website to find out about membership benefits. While you're there, you can register and pay online, using PayPal or a credit card,


    download the membership form (PDF) and mail it or bring it to a dance.

    Join now and your membership is good through August 2013.

    You Can Socialize Online With CD*NY


    CD*NY has a group on Facebook. You can join the group to help find out what's happening in our dance community.

    CD*NY's New Website:

    Take a look at the new website, at http://cdny.org ("www" not needed). It has a modern look, is easily navigable and provides useful information about dancing. You can contribute to the website by:
  • Becoming a member of the website (it's free and separate from being a CD*NY member).
  • Telling website visitors as much or as little about yourself as you desire.
  • Posting photos and videos.
  • Joining a group.
  • Starting and/or contributing to group discussions.
  • Posting a blog.
  • Commenting on what you have read.

    Anything you post will be moderated, so there will be a delay before it appears on the website.

  • Dance with CD*NY at These Locations
    Saturday Contradances

    The Chinatown Y, Houston Street Center
    273 Bowery (between East Houston and Stanton Streets)
    Lost and found: Use the phone number above to recover items left at dances.

    You will be required to sign-in at the desk at the bottom of the stairs. You will not be required to show an ID. You can read Elizabeth Parry's blog about this.
    English Country Dances

    The Church of the Village, in the basement
    201 W. 13th Street (Northwest corner at 7th Ave.), New York, NY 10011
    Enter on 13th Street.
    How to get to the Chinatown Y. How to get to the Church of the Village.

    Shoe Requirement - We Need to Show Our Hosts That We're Considerate of Their Facilities

    To ensure that the floor is preserved for our dancers and for other users, please bring clean soft-soled shoes with you to change into at the dances. They should be shoes that have never been worn outside. If you can't set aside a pair of shoes just for dancing, clean the soles of your shoes thoroughly to remove all grit and dirt. High-heeled shoes are not allowed.

    Useful Links for More Information
    Complete Schedule
    Day by Day
    What is Contra?
    Facebook Page
    Join CD*NY
    CD*NY Home Page
    Complete Schedule
    Month at a Time
    What is English?
    Ask Questions/Make Suggestions
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    For last-minute changes, check your email for an alert. If you are not near your computer, call the Dancephone at 212-459-4080.

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