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Annual Appeal - You Can Help Keep Prices Low.

You've enjoyed a whole year of great dances at CD*NY. We need your help to keep prices low - give to the CD*NY Annual Appeal!

In the letter below, CD*NY President Claire Schaffer tells why our financial contributions are needed.

Use your credit card or PayPal to make a tax-deductible donation now - by clicking here or mail your check made out to CDNY to: CDNY, PO Box 878 Village Station, New York NY 10014. Make next year's dances even better!

Letter from Claire Schaffer, President, CD*NY

Dear dancers and friends,

Thank you for making our dances happen.

Just by showing up and enjoying yourself at a dance you are part of the creation of that magical experience of community dancing. 

And many of you do so much more.  You donate your time and talents, volunteering at dances and behind the scenes.  You’ve donated much-needed funds to keep our dances going.

Thanks to you we have had wonderful dances this past year.  

The annual Playford Ball was beautiful, elegant and fun – a night to remember for our local dancers and the out-of-towners who came to share in this special event.

ContraResolution was a first – a free dance aimed at introducing new dancers to our community.  I participated as a dance angel along with many of our experienced dancers, and I had an amazing time.  Helping newcomers experience the joy of our dances was itself a joy. 

We also had a full program of regularly-scheduled English and contra dances, including several festive themed dances and advanced-level dances. 

Our home-nurtured volunteer house band, the Contrapolitans, has grown artistically and is now an ensemble with a rich, orchestral sound that’s a delight to dance to.  This past year we began a similar program for English dances, the Anglopolitans, and they are growing and blooming musically, thanks to professional coaching by one of our regular musicians.

So, with all these wonderful dances and you wonderful dancers, why am I writing to you?

Because all of these programs and initiatives cost money, and even with all you do, we ended up in the red this year, as we have for several years.  Adding to our expenses, rent at the Church of the Village is at its highest level, and the rent for the upcoming Playford Ball is $1,000 more than it was last year.

It is your generosity that has enabled us to put on another year of dances.  And now, as always at this time of year, we ask you to help once again – to pay for the next year of great dances.

I thank you for your continued generosity in supporting the dancing and music we love!

Best wishes,

Claire Schaffer   

President, CD*NY

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