2020 Playford Ball Music

A TRIBUTE TO BOB ERENBURG AND ELLIE HANSEN, Long-time CD*NY Dancers & Registrars of the Playford Ball


Bob Erenburg and Ellie Hansen

𝐘ou’ve danced with us on Tuesday nights longer than almost any other couple (or maybe longer than any other couple; only you know!), and you’ve found a place in our hearts and memories impervious to time and change. But change you did, packing up and leaving for green pastures in Delaware just before COVID-19 caused us to cancel the Playford Ball whose registration you so expertly managed. It’s a task you’ve lovingly and assiduously carried out for CD*NY for years, and we are extremely appreciative. Though the Ball was cancelled, nothing can cancel the gratitude that we feel and that we express by dedicating the 2020 Playford Ball CD to you. Thank you, dear friends, and come back as soon and as often as you can.


The CD*NY Board along with the teachers and emcees (Gene Murrow, Helen White) of the 2020 Ball are offering a pay-what-you-wish download of the recording of the 2020 CD*NY Playford Ball. Donations will be added to the recently established CD*NY Concert Fund, which will support CD*NY musicians for the duration of the COVID-19 emergency. Monies from the Fund will be used to pay musicians for online performances.

Select the dance title that indicates your level of support; then click on that dance and, if you so choose, to make a donation through PayPal.

□    Freeford Gardens (Free)
□    Ten Dollar Ride ($10)
□    Twenty-something ($20)
□    Thirty Years’ Waltz ($30)
□    The Other Dimension (Custom amount)

Note: All donations are tax deductible.