This Season’s Dances: 2022 – 2023


November 29, 2022
Dances led by Helen White
Music by Cynthia Shaw, Lisa Bueno & Zara Lawler

Geud Man of Ballangigh
My Lady of the Lake (Holz)
Winter Memories (Hume)
Woodstock Park
Trip to Kilburn
Apley House
Sally in Our Alley
Arnold’s Circle (P. Shaw)


Mary K (Roodman)
Bloomsbury Market
Emperor of the Moon
Peace Be With You (Herman)

November 15, 2022
Dances led by Paul Ross
Music by Liza Wu, Sarah Stefanski & Gene Murrow

Wooden Shoes
Black Bess
The Waters of Holland (Pat Shaw)
12 for the 12 Apostles (Fried de Metz Herman)
The Saturday Triad (Fried de Metz Herman)
Michael and All Angels (Fried de Metz Herman)
The Merry Pair
The New York Times (Colin Hume)


Bar a Bar
Belgia Retriev’d
Leap of Faith (Orly Krasner)
Belle of the Ball (Loretta Holz)

November 8, 2022

Dances led by Daniel Popowich
Music by Liza Wu, Helen White & Lisa Terry

The Drummer
Spanish Jigg
The Cambridge Waltz
John Tallis’ Canon (P. Shaw)
Hambleton’s Round O
Pins and Needles (trad.)


Trip to the Jubilee
The Merry Andrew (Heffer and Porter)
Orange Nan
Trip to Paris
Scotch on the Rocks (Tom Seiss)
Dublin Bay

November 1, 2022

Dances led by Tom Amessé & Helen White
Music by Robin Russell, Sue Polansky & Lisa Terry

Mount Hills
Well Hall
Chocolate Equation (Friendly & Sackett)
Bluebonnets (Joseph Pimentel)
Bath Carnival
Dunant House Waltz (Colin Hume)
Bishop of Bangor’s
Walpole Cottage (Pat Shaw)


Sapphire Sea (Christine Robb)
Midwinter Maggot (Gary Roodman)
Leah’s Waltz (Fried Herman)
Heather Towers (John Lagden)
Whately Barn (Gary Roodman)
While We Are Together (Robert Mills)

October 25, 2022

Dances led by Dorothy Cummings & Margaret Bary
Music by Cynthia Shaw, Matthew Christian & Zara Lawler

Auretti’s Dutch Skipper
Chocolate Round O (Fried de Metz Herman)
Heartwood (Michael Wood)
The Physical Snob
Up With Aily
Gigue for Genny (Dan Herr)
Softly Good Tummas


Dusty Miller
After Dinner Maggot (Gary Roodman)
Sun Assembly
A Health to All Honest Men
Come, Let’s Be Merry
Red House

October 18, 2022
Dances led by Tom Amessé
Music by Liza Wu, Minda Cowan & Gene Murrow

Freeford Gardens (David & Katharine Wright)
The Mulberry Garden
Honeysuckle Cottage (Gary Roodman)
Red and All Red
Leather Lake House
Siege of Limerick
Prince William
Take A Dance


Lass of Richmond Hill (Kate Riley)
Dancing on Air (Paul Ross)
Jack’s Health
Fenterlarick (Joyce Walker)
Rafe’s Waltz (Victor Skowronski)

October 11, 2022

Dances led by Gene Murrow & Dorothy Cummings
Music by Robin Russell, Minda Cowen & Helen White

Enfield Wash
The Zither Man (Colin Wallace)
Alice (Philippe Callens)
Star of Kintra (Trevor Monson)
Up With Aily
Money in Both Pockets


Elizabeth (Colin Hume)
Monterey Ploughman (Susan Kevra)
The Beggar Boy
Bury Fair
Sarah (Gary Roodman)
Freeford Gardens (David & Katharine Wright)

September 27, 2022

Dances led by Paul Ross & Elizabeth Freedman
Music by Robin Russell, Matthew Christian & Dominique Gagné

Jack’s Maggot
A New Beginning (Gary Roodman)
The Pursuit
Wa’ is Me, What Mun I do!
The Homecoming (Gary Roodman)
Winter Waltz (Fried de Metz Herman)
The Diamond of Antwerp (Paul Ross)

~~Break ~~

Prince George’s Birthday
Turning by Threes (Gary Roodman)
Bel Canto (Susan Kevra)

September 20, 2022

Dances led by Orly Krasner & Margaret Bary
Music by Cynthia Shaw, Sarah Stefanski & Zara Lawler

Knole Park
Mutual Love
Trip to Tunbridge
Belle of Greensboro (Gary Roodman)
Ashford Anniversary (Charles Bolton)
Dancing Across the Atlantic (Loretta Holz)
Saint Margaret’s Hill
6 for the Six Proud Walkers (Fried Herman)

~~Break ~~

Sunflowers (Orly Krasner)
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot
Kelsterne Gardens
Autumn in Amherst (Philippe Callens)
Prince of Westborough (Paula Kelley)

September 13, 2022

Dances led by Tom Amessé & Daniel Popowich
Music by Robin Russell, Sarah Stefanski & Sue Polansky

The Ragg
Corelli’s Maggot (Cathy and John Millar)
A New Beginning (Gary Roodman)
Elizabeth (Colin Hume)
The Maid Peeped Out at the Window
Flying Sorceress (Kalia Kliban)
Horseplay (Gary Roodman)

~~Break ~~

When Laura Smiles (Orly Krasner)
Bellamira (rec: Kennedy, AAB)
Farmer’s Joy (Joseph Pimentel)
Indian Summer (Elizabeth Goossen)
Old Wife Behind the Fire