English Country Dance, Friday Nights, 2019-2020

Friday night ECD for 2019-20

All events cancelled

Put these on your calendar now! These not-to-be-missed dances are on Friday and run from 7:30-10:30pm.


Friday, October 11 – Playford Forward – Gene and Helen – Cynthia Shaw, Minda Cowen, Sue Polansky

Friday, November 1 – Playford Revisited – Tom and Elizabeth – Chip Prince, Barbara Greenberg, Naomi Morse, Daniel Beerbohm

Friday, January 10 – Twelfth Night Assembly – Ted Rudofker – Chip Prince, Naomi Morse, Gene Murrow

Friday, April 3rd – Joseph Pimentel & Goldcrest (Daron Douglas, Paul Oorts & Dave Wiesler) This is ManHATan Mania.


Download flyer here.