Sample Live Streams

Naomi Morse and Emmet, & son 

Family singing St Patrick’s Day song (~3 minutes, 440 views)
Live streamed on FB ~ 3/17/2020

Alana Youssefian 

Solo baroque violin performing variations on the tune for the English dance Saint Martin’s Lane
(~20 minutes of playing and chat; starts 8 minutes in)

Recital Stream 2020-03-3. Has PayPal button for donations

Karen Axelrod

Solo piano with recorded clips from friends (~1 hour 15 minutes; 200+ watching)

Streamed live via FB 2020-03-31. Performer advertises her band’s CD as part of the presentation and offers PayPal option for ordering it.

Chloe Fedor, violin, and Keiran Campbell, cello, on Recital Stream

(~36 minutes of playing and talk, starts ~2 minutes in. Has PayPal button for donations)

Good tutorial on Live Streaming from YouTube